A Breakthrough In Digital Imaging

Widely-rated as having the very best camera in any smartphone, the Huawei P30 Pro is also a powerhouse flagship in its own right. Excelling in several areas doesn't make the P30 Pro the perfect smartphone though, and the camera sometimes falls frustratingly short elsewhere — but mostly because we demand a lot from it — and some will dislike the software. The wide-angle lens actually does a better job of color correction — a weird aspect of the P30 Pro AI no doubt.

Of course, with it being this good (on paper at least), Huawei's latest P-series flagship fetches a rather high starting price of £899. Just like in the 2018 flagship, the processor provides rapid performance across Google's Android 9 Pie software with Huawei's EMUI 9.1 skin running on top of it.

The new periscope zoom has a square design and it turns the light through 90-degrees to enable the sensor to sit at 90 degrees to the normal orientation. That compares to the 6.1-inch screen on the P20 Pro. Huawei's default camera app encourages you to experiment with colours and focus choices in a way that makes camera photography a simple joy.

Huawei isn't skimping on the battery, either; the 4200mAh cell should offer excellent endurance. The Huawei P30 Pro performs admirably. But Huawei was first with an in-screen fingerprint reader and reverse charging - which are now also features on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

On our video rundown test, the P30 Pro lasted 15 hours and 24 minutes, the second longest runtime we've seen yet, behind only the Samsung Galaxy Fold's time of 17:06. The file system converts the system partition into read-only files, which helps in improving the read speeds by up to 20 percent on an average as well as enhancing app launch times.

In 2019, the Huawei P30 Pro will be arguably one of the best smartphones one can buy. You need to have daylight to make the best use of it, otherwise, the phone might just decide to use the digital zoom like all other phones out there. It produces bright, clear and colorful imagery and text, which makes for an enjoyable viewing experience, although it isn't the best display on screen the market.

If 10x isn't enough, you can push the P30 Pro up to 50x digital zoom. But that is all it needs to be one of the most vital phones money can buy in 2019. The Huawei P30 Pro combines the power of Huawei's own Kirin 980 chip, an exceptional battery and a class-leading quad-lens camera array.

Sony Announces Major Firmware Updates For The A9, A7R III & A7 III Cameras

DJI has issued a new firmware update for the Ronin-S that adds the ability to take photos, record video and control zoom with Sony cameras, as well as add AF and focus poll compatibility for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. Make sure the USB mode on the camera is set to PC Tether (for the GH3 & GH4 set it to Remote Control (PTP)”), in manual mode, RAW, and single-shot burst mode. They too will get Real-Time Eye AF for animals and interval recording for time-lapse movies (ahead of the A9, interestingly).

If for some reason the system is corrupted and the VIEW will not boot past the splash screen, the system can be restored by holding the power button for 15 seconds to power off, then insert an SD card with the firmware zip file, power on by pressing the power button for 2 seconds, then hold the enter (middle right) button until the Updating…” screen appears.

Sony cameras require that the images be saved to the VIEW's SD sony a7riii firmware card. The inference here being that while you're gloating over Sony cocking up a software update, your wife or girlfriend is getting it on with a 'real man'. Important: If an Allow button is displayed by a message about blocking Sony Corporation system software, YOU MUST CLICK THE LOCK (at the bottom) TO UNLOCK CHANGES and then click Allow button.

In addition, 'Tracking On' helps initiate ‘Real-time Tracking' at any time by simply pressing the custom-assigned button ii and ‘Touch Tracking' which quickly activates through the touch screenii. Currently the System Software Updater, software needed to update your Sony A7iii, does not support macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) without an additional driver called the DriverLoader_1013”.

In 2016, Sony purportedly made firmware changes to their two flagship a7 series cameras (the a7RII and a7SII). To charge the VIEW, connect a Micro-B USB cable from a USB power supply (USB charger, battery pack or computer) to the charging port (#12) on the VIEW.

Sony also suggests disabling sleep mode on your computer and offers other advice to minimise the risk of software crashes during the update. To use autofocus on the Canon EOS 5D Mk III, press halfway down on the gimbal's camera control button. Sony has used machine learning for Real-time Eye AF, and the resulting database of information about faces for is used-in camera to more quickly find a subject's face and eyes.

My Qualcomm

ZTE Nubia X is revealed to be released in December 2019 & will work on Android 8.1 OS. The Smartphone will be available in more than 3 color alternatives i.e.Blue gold, Sea blue, Black gold, Deep gray & will likewise have actually an integrated in finger print sensing unit as the primary security feature, in addition to the host of connectivity choices in terms of 3G, 4G, GPS, Wifi Bluetooth capabilities. The phone will feature 64 GB of internal storage.

The Mobile phone will be powered by 2.65 GHz Octa core Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 (10 nm) Processor. A 6 GB of RAM & Adreno 630 graphics processor will guarantee phone runs smoothly even the most memory intensive applications without any signs of lag. 64 GB oof internal storage will not be open for growth at all.

The Phone will feature a large 3800 mAh battery to support it's 6.26 inch screen with IPS LCD show having a resolution of 1080 X 2280 at 403 ppi.

ZTE Nubia X will feature a 16 + 24 megapixel dual rear Video camera. It will support Face Detection and high dynamic range( HDR) imaging also.

Its essential function is that it's bezelless, without any notch or pop-up front-facing camera. Instead, the phone has two screens, one at the front and one on the back, which permit to use the primary camera for both normal shooting and for selfies. It likewise Nubia X sports dual finger print sensors on 2 sides of the gadget.

- Main screen - 6.26" LTPS IPS screen, Full HD+ (1080 x 2280 resolution), 19:9 element ratio
- Second screen - 5.21" OLED screen, 720x1520 resulution, 19:9 aspect ratio
- Nubia UI 6, Android 8.1 (Oreo).
- Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.
- 6/8 GB RAM, 128/256/512 GB storage.
- Dual video cameras: 16 MP f/1.8, 24 MP f/1.7.
- 4k@30fps video.
- 3800 mAh battery, 18W quick charge.
- Double fingerprint scanner (on buttons on the sides).

50 Products Under $50 That Will Improve Your Life

Most people stereotype teenagers as people who are happy go lucky however a good number of them would like to have their own business. If you sign up for a TrackR account, you can shout ‘Alexa, find my phone' and your handset will immediately ring at full volume. 32. Alexa, set the timer for 10 minutes. With a feature called Household Profiles, you can add another adult to your Amazon Household to listen to either his or her content (for instance, music and audiobooks) and manage shared features (like lists).

This is a great gift for your loved one and a classy way to express your romantic thoughts and happy feelings. A true Alexa smart home is moving closer to reality with the AmazonBasics Microwave You'll need another Amazon Echo device to control the microwave.

26. A multifunctional device that works as an inverted lid holder, single or dual trivet, or display stand. Bringing out a Kindle with a color screen might not add too much functionality but it certainly gives this gadget an improved coolness factor. If that person has signed up, he or she will get a phone call on the Echo device or in the Amazon Alexa app.

For example, with multiple actions” new tech on Google Home devices, you can say something like Hey Google, turn up the thermostat and tell me the weather.” On the Echo, you can't do it in a single sentence, but with follow-up mode you can just ask the two different commands one after the other.

Although the pocket-sized Luster mini power bank won't fully charge your smart devices multiple times over, the 3,350mAh battery is sufficient for a full or near-full charge for most smartphones. Smart speakers like the Amazon Echo have now become almost commonplace in people's homes, and for good reason.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who hates tangled cords and is currently just $6 from Amazon, so it's a smart purchase for traveling techies. Cool Tools also earns revenue from Google ads, although we have no foreknowledge nor much control of which ads will appear.

Top Blogging Gadgets You Shouldn't Live Without

Blogging is one the best careers to have in these tough economic times. I can ask it the weather for today, tomorrow or next week, because it Halloween season, you can say alexa, tell me a spooky story, it plays all iHeart radio stations , but it is not voice encoded, meaning anybody can use it, even ur housekeeper It orders stuff directly from amazon but I have a password on that.

Truthfully, they've made some of the coolest Kickstarter gadgets you can buy right now on Amazon — at least, in the world of brewing. Then, select Bluetooth, and you can see devices that your Echo has paired with before, or you can pair with a new device altogether.

However, the Sugr Cube's sleek design and cool "tap or tilt" method of use makes it a bit different — and one of the coolest Kickstarter gadgets you can buy right now on Amazon. One of the best choices on the market is the Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller While you can set an automatic schedule, Alexa can also help out.

Legrand , a specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure which competes with GE, Honeywell, Philips, and Osram, unveiled what is probably the first smart lighting switch with Amazon Alexa and a speaker inside that allows you to control your entire home from it as well as play music.

This will let you pair Echo devices and play music across them - great for parties. Introducing the bean bag phone rest, now you can enjoy Netflix or other videos while both you and your smart device is comfortably resting. Below are our favorite portable tech deals going right now, from a folding keyboard to a cheap smartwatch We've also thrown in a couple cool gadgets that will let you express your geeky side.

Notebooks are relatively inexpensive, and can be useful for any geek on the go. Tablet computers gadgets on amazon such as i Pads or the Samsung Galaxy are some of the more popular models today, as well as Amazon's Kindle and now the Amazon Fire is posed to be one of the more popular tablets around.

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